Sunday, 6 August 2017

DAs In Play

You can keep up to date with developments in the area through Lake Macquarie City Council’s Application Tracking system.The abridged list below has been compiled to support community understanding of developments in our area. Please consult LMCC’s website for details and a complete listing. Listings below are from 8/7/17 to 3/8/17.
  • 6 Alkira Street: Boundary Adjustment, 1 into 2 Lot Subdivision and 2 Dwelling Houses - Amendment To Consent: Check New Application 
  • 47A Brighton Avenue: Dwelling House and Demolition of Existing Dwelling: Awaiting Information Requested 
  • 77 Coal Point Rd: Dwelling House and Ancillary detached Garage/Shed - Amendment: Awaiting information requested 
  • 128 Coal Point Rd: Dwelling House Alterations & Additions: Awaiting information requested 
  • 226 Coal Point Road. Dwelling Alteration & Additions. Under Assessment 
  • 254 Coal Point Road: New Garage: Approved 
  • 269A Coal Point Road: Fence: On Notification/Advertising 
  • 279 Coal Point Road: Jetty: Approved 
  • 38 Kilaben Road Dwelling House – Amendment- Approved 
  • 1 Laycock Street: Steel reinforced swimming pool and associated pool surrounds: Under Assessment 
  • 1/17 Laycock St: Child Care Centre: Under Assessment 
  • 1 Oakhampton Court: Dwelling Alterations and Additions: Under Assessment 
  • 7 Robey Crescent :Dwelling Alterations & Additions & Attached Secondary Dwelling: Awaiting Information Requested 
  • 20 Skye Point Road Dwelling Alterations & Additions. Under Assessment. 
  • 47 Skye Point Road. Dwelling House Additions. Awaiting information requested 
  • 74 Skye Point Road. Dwelling House, Garage, Swimming Pool, Alt & Adds to Boatshed. Awaiting Information requested 
  • 78 Skye Point Road: Dwelling House - Alterations & Additions, Boat Shed, Water Recreation Structure: Awaiting information requested 
  • 228 Skye Point Road: Dwelling House, Swimming Pool with Associated Safety Barriers and Demolition of Existing Dwelling: Awaiting Information Requested 
  • 268 Skye Point Road: Detached Dual Occupancy and Strata Subdivision: On Notification/Advertising 
  • 268 Skye Point Road Residential Addition - Studio – Modification-Approved 
  • 296 Skye Point Road: Dwelling Alterations and Additions: Scanning of Application Documents 
  • 308 Skye Point Road. Proposed Jetty. Approved 
  • 27 Whitelocke Street: B149 - Dwelling House: Awaiting Allocation 
  • 29 Whitelocke Street: Secondary Dwelling and Retaining Wall Under Assessment 
  • 151-155 Brighton Av (Hirecrafft Marina) Awaiting Information Requested. From the Application Tracking website it appears there has been a meeting held on 12th July and a document provided on the Capital Investment Value of the proposed project of $14,779,520.

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