Monday, 19 December 2016

Happy Consumer Conscious Christmas

Australians are predicted to spend $48.1 billion over the Christmas period according to the Australian Retailers Association. That’s a lot of gift giving, decorations and feasting.

But what happens to the products of our festivities? Councils experience a 30% increase in waste over the Christmas period. To lighten the planetary load Planet Ark has The 12 Do’s of Christmas that can make the festive season linger longer in the memory of your nearest and dearest.
  • Buy quality decorations that can be reused, or make some 
  • Check your work Christmas party has recycling stations, warm and fuzzy feelings are good at this time of year 
  • Find out what your gift recipient really wants or choose an experience (e.g movie cards, event, museum membership) or charity gift 
  • Choose reusable or recyclable wrapping, like paper, cloth or children’s artwork 
  • Download the free RecycleSmart app for recycling needs 
  • Prevent food waste- Plan ahead and compost/worm farm food scraps 
  • Sort and flatten food and drink packaging to fit more in the yellow bin. Check what festive packaging can be recycled
  • Recycle e-waste- Printers, ink cartridges, mobile phones 
  • Give a recharger pack with battery powered gifts 
  • Lots of visiting…Give your car a treat.Inflate the tyres and tune the engine to run efficiently and reduce fuel costs 
  • De-clutter and recycle to make room for the new things 
  • After the giving your live Christmas tree can still give the gift of compost via the green waste bin 
Reducing consumption and minimising waste are actions that reduce our carbon emissions in many ways. Yohoho!

On behalf of the Coal Point Progress Association and TASNG a warm and community caring Christmas and Festive Season is wished for all.

Lake Mac musings

Explore the great outdoors this summer

Lake Mac Council has on offer an amazing ‘Explore Our Great Outdoor’ program over summer from 9-21 January. Activities include rockpool rambles, kayaking, seashore saunters, sea creature show n tell, fossils, cycling, sand sculptures and more. Bookings are essential via eventbrite or ring LMCC 4921 0333

Lake Mac Grows

Lake Mac Grows is a community of gardeners committed to growing, sharing and eating fresh local produce. This Facebook group has been launched by Council as a place for you to share your story, your skills and your harvest and eat better for less.

Climate Adaptation- What is it?

With mixed messages still coming out of the mouths of our leaders sometimes it’s hard to know what to believe. But all levels of government have information about climate change readily available.

Did you know that there is a dedicated state government climate change website AdaptNSW? The site has a wealth of knowledge and resources that explain what climate change is, the impact, and how to adapt.

The Federal government has a website too. Climate Change In Australia. This site has some insightful animations that help explain various aspects of climate change.

If you don’t believe the scientists there is a website dedicated to getting skeptical about global warming skepticism, Skeptical Science. Its purpose it to explain climate change science and rebut the global warming misinformation that gets circulated.

Lake Macquarie Council has a raft of programs and polices in place to help our coastal community prepare and adapt to the impacts of climate change for example The Sustainable Neighbourhood program, Landcare and the local adaptation planning process.

Progress Parlez

‘tis the season to be jolly

The end of the calendar year is also the end of the Progress Association’s financial year and with that comes the annual CPPA membership renewal notice, hand delivered to your letterbox in the coming month.

As with the previous few years the membership fees are $8/single, $13/family and $2/person for Toronto Area Sustainable Neighbourhood Group (TASNG) membership. Membership forms can be downloaded from the CPPA website (in the footer of the page) or requested from any of the Committee.

Renewal fees can be paid by direct deposit to the Coal Point Progress Association’s account BSB 032 514 Account # 217270 – with your family name as the reference.

Thank you to all those members who regularly donate a little extra to CPPA with their membership. These gifts are truly appreciated and greatly assist in covering the costs of the CPPA which include maintaining our community owned hall. The CPPA is a registered charity.

Are numbers your thing?

Do you enjoy the happy high of a reconciled end of month bank statement? Have you ever wanted to do something for the community but unsure how to contribute? Would you like to be the CPPA’s Trusty Treasurer?

John Gill, the CPPA’s Treasurer since 2011 is putting down the ledgers at the AGM in 2017 and having a well deserved break from the books of the Association. This rather important role on the Committee will have to be filled. Currently the accounts are ledgers but electronic options can be considered.

If you have an interest in accounts, would like to gain some highly transferable work skills or share your existing expertise please talk to one of the committee about the joys of the job.

The buzz on Christmas beetles

Have you been wondering about the yellow patches in your lawn? Don’t blame the dog for excessive leakage it could be the annual return of the Christmas Beetle.

The Backyard Buddies website explains…Christmas Beetles emerge from the ground to feast on your Eucalyptus trees and lay their eggs in your soil. These large shiny buddies can be different colours depending on the species and where they live – from pale brown with spots to bright green. The larvae have been living underground for the last year, and you might know they are there if you have yellow patches on your lawn – they feed on the grass roots.

They only live a few months so are pretty enthusiastic feeders. They are unlikely to do any real damage, so why not get into the Christmas spirit and let them enjoy their short lives. They are already a food source for possums, currawongs, magpies and predatory wasps.

Christmas Beetles make great little buddies for kids. They are harmless and during the day are a bit tired after their antics of the night before – they go crazy when they see lights at night. They won’t run away or bite and kids can watch them crawl over their hands for ages. What great babysitters!

DA of the DAy- DA1243 Amended. 2 Brighton Av-133 Excelsior Pde

Amended DA

August DA
The 19 dwelling proposal spanning 2 Brighton Avenue to 133 Excelsior Parade has been amended and resubmitted.

The significant concerns about scenic and visual impact, engineering design, and loss of wildlife corridor remain unchanged.

As this is the same DA 1243/2016 that was submitted in August the 130 or so submissions already lodged will remain as part of the council’s considerations.

An extension on the period to comment on the amended DA has been granted until 30/12/16. If you have time to send a quick follow up email to confirming your original submission or expanding on it, this would all help in consolidating the community’s concerns about the local impacts.

A community letter summarising these concerns is available to download on the CPPA website.

Local resident Paul Kelly will be making an address to the Councillors on 13/2/16 at 5:30pm in the Council Chambers. Your support at this Council meeting would be most welcome.

LMCC Council Officers’ responses to the amendments of DA1243/2016 are available on the Application Tracking website and have been summarised below to assist the community with access to the information.

  • Flora and Fauna: Approximately 218 trees occur on the subject site, 35 of which (or 16%) have now been proposed to be retained. Proposed tree retention still differs to previous discussions held with Councils Arborist and Landscape Architect in this regard. 
  • Scenic values: initial concerns regarding the scenic impact statement have not been resolved.
  • Preservation of Trees: The additional tree retention across the eastern boundary is compromised by stormwater infrastructure along this boundary and does not adequately compensate for the loss of vegetation across the site and subsequent visual impacts. The amended landscape plan does not address the broader issues regarding site planning, topography and loss of scenic values of the peninsula vegetation.
  • Landscape Design: The loss of the large tree atop the knoll to carparking is not supported. The landscape design to western private open space relies on turf and hedge planting with minimal canopy tree planting and not of a scale proportional to two storey dwellings. The landscape area along the eastern boundary adjoining R2 land is further compromised by vehicle parking. 
  • Tree retention: Additional tree retention is not consistent with recommendations of arboriculture report, additional information and detailed tree protection plan is required to address engineering impacts such as excavation/ retaining wall construction and other substantial ground disturbances.
  • Recycling/Waste: additional comments do not meet waste management requirements fully. If a private contractor is engaged residents will be paying twice for the waste service.
  • Stormwater discharge: additional onsite storage required to meet acceptable discharge flows. A revised Stormwater Management is required. 
  • Cut and fill 
    • Retaining wall heights exceed those allowed in the DCP 
    • A lot of the levels provided do not correlate with pit levels in stormwater management plan 
    • Many of the levels shown do not work…the plans are to be revised 
  • Traffic and Transport
    • Certification from a qualified engineer is required to state that sight distances are acceptable on Brighton Ave 
    • Shared Brighton Ave access with neighbours still an issue 
    • Internal road to be redesigned so all entry and exits can be made from Excelsior Pde- not addressed 
    • Driveway widths not provided- internal driveway and carparking grades appear not to conform to DCP 2014 


151 Brighton Ave - DA 1835/2016

An outpouring of community concern over the Toronto foreshore was recently expressed with over 200 submissions being lodged on DA 1835/2016-151 Brighton Ave (Hirecraft Marina site) which is proposing a 44 residential units over 4 storeys.

This is an inspiring outcome, which will hopefully be taken into consideration by the local elected representatives in their decision-making.

DAs in Play

Please consult LMCC’s website for details and a complete listing. New listings were from the period 1/9/16 to 12/12/16
  • 2 Brighton Avenue: Demolition Structures, 2 into 1 lots & 19 Dwellings (multi dwelling houses) Under Assessment-Amended Plans 
  • 151 Brighton Avenue: Mixed Use Development Including Shop and 44 Residential Units. On Notification/Advertising 
  • 9 Amelia Street: Remove 2 trees: Withdrawn 
  • 2 Angela Close: B149 - Part - Deck: Approved 
  • 22 Brighton Avenue: Multiple Dwelling Housing, Subdivision and Demolition – Awaiting Information requested 
  • 93A Brighton Avenue: Demolition of Existing Structures, Dwelling House, Swimming Pool with Associated Safety Barriers and Garaging: Under assessment 
  • 47 Coal Point Road: Attached Rear Fly-Over Patio fixed to Existing Deck.: On notification 
  • 77 Coal Point Road Dwelling House and Ancillary detached Garage/Shed -: Initial Assessment 
  • 215 Coal Point Road.Detached Garage: Approved 
  • 236 Coal Point Road :Dwelling House and Demolition of Existing Structure:: Initial Assessment 
  • 242 Coal Point Road: Dwelling House and Swimming Pool with Associated Safety Barriers: Under Assessment 
  • 279 Coal Point Road: Water Recreation Structure: Awaiting Information 
  • 29 Hampton Street: Dwelling House: Approved 
  • 25-27 Kilaben Road: 1 into 5 lot Subdivision: Awaiting Information Requested 
  • 11 Killara Close: Dwelling House Carport & Patio Cover: Awaiting Information requested 
  • 1/17 Laycock Street: Child Care Centre: Under Assessment 
  • 30 Mount Waring Road : Subdivision Works - Access, Stormwater, APZ and Retaining Wall: Awaiting Information Requested 
  • 40 The Quarterdeck: Swimming Pool and Associated Safety Barrier and Deck: Under Assessment 
  • 37 Skye Point Road: Alterations and Additions: Approved 
  • 81 Skye Point Road: Studio Under Assessment 
  • 185 Skye Point Road: Erection of a boundary fence: Under Assessment 
  • 282 Skye Point Road: B149 Whole: Under Assessment 
  • 390 Skye Point Road: Water Recreation Structure - Slipway and Ramp replacement: Under Assessment/Awaiting DA determination


Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Dates for the Diary

CPPA Festive Season social at RMYC

Sunday, 11th December 11 am @ Royal Motor Yacht Club - Waterfront Beer Garden

It’s the Festive season and CPPA members and volunteers are invited to get together for some good food and a CPPA 'catch up' without having to test our mental capabilities with trivia questions or our muscles landcaring or our legs delivering Chronicles.

There is a 'cook your own BBQ' pack available for $12.00 - this included steak, sausage, bacon, salad and a bread roll. There will be entertainment provided including a jumping castle.

To get into the Christmas Spirit - a $5.00 Secret Santa gift, per person would be appreciated so we can all share the joy of giving.

Landcare EEL Awards and Xmas Party

Friday 25th November 4-7pm @ Landcare Resource Centre.
Lake Macquarie Landcare Environmental Excellence in Landcare Awards and Christmas party.RSVP by 22/11/16 ph 4921 0392

Toronto Streetscape

The team will be at Toronto Library every Wednesday morning from 9am if you’d like to drop by for a chat.

Sustainable Neighbourhood Alliance Brainstorming session

3/12/16 2-5pm at Landcare Centre

Catch up with Sustainable Neighbourhood volunteers from around Lake Macquarie for an end of year celebration. Share a plastic-free afternoon tea, enjoy a project presentation, and discuss ideas to make Sustainable Neighbourhoods even better.

All welcome. Afternoon tea will be provided, but you’re welcome to bring along a favourite treat to share. Please avoid single use plastic wrap and packaging, and remember to bring a reusable container to take home leftovers.

Location: Landcare Resource Centre, 110 York St, Teralba

RSVPs essential by 25 November to the Lake Macquarie Sustainable Neighbourhood Alliance, 4921 0117,

For more information about Sustainable Neighbourhoods, visit

Community Gardeners

1st and 3rd Saturdays 10am-12 and 10am-noon Thursday at The Hub, 97 The Boulevarde

Carols by the Lake 2016

On December 15th Toronto Chamber of Commerce and the community will hold our Carols by the Lake 2016 on the beautiful Toronto Foreshore

Progress parlez

Chronicle delivery opt out option

The Chronicle is hand delivered by volunteers to 1500 local letterboxes. We do not consider it junk mail or advertising material but a community communication tool. We do respect your decision to refuse the newsletter though. Please advise us if you do not want to receive one in your letterbox.

Chronicle Sponsors

Sponsoring a space in the Chronicle is one way to support the CPPA and these sponsorships are truly appreciated but products and services are not endorsed by the CPPA.

DA’s and the CPPA

CPPA does its best to monitor and communicate Development Applications to the community as an awareness raising service. If locals are concerned about a DA the CPPA can share our experiences and can assist local residents to communicate their concerns.

LMCC’s Application Tracking website holds all the information related to DAs. The CPPA addresses DA’s with our primary objectives in mind, which are to enhance the natural environment by protecting preserving and regenerating the bushland and advancing social welfare, community spirit and sustainability through community education and engagement.

70 year old photos wanted

The CPPA was founded in 1946…70 years ago! This awesome achievement will be celebrated in April next year and we are hoping to make it a little bit special and compile some local images of the area over the past 70 years.

If you have any happy snaps of events at Progress Hall, picnics in the park, views from the lake or local icons we’d love to see them. Please contact one of the committee.

TSLS Tales

Thankyou TIN

The Threatened Species Last Stand (TSLS) project has been making amazing progress in regenerating our local reserves and public land thanks to a dedicated team of local landcarers and the support from Trees In Newcastle’s (TIN) volunteers, bush regenerators and project manager.

The partnership with TIN has recently come to an end and the CPPA would like to thank all involved at TIN for their support over the past four years.

The TSLS project will continue till 2018 and the CPPA will still be overseeing and coordinating the project maintaining continuity and supporting the local landcarers and landholders.

Show and tell and Carey Bay Preschool

Providing habitat for native animals is all about have the right furniture, the right size rooms and the right restaurant.

On 9/11/16 at Carey Bay Preschool a healthy habitat was created for the children. A rich soil foundation was laid down with mulch to protect it and keep the moisture in.

The furniture installed included logs for lizards to lounge upon, rocks for reptiles to sunbake on and hide under, prickly plants to protect birds from cats and dogs and nest boxes for shelter, as hollows take over 100 years to form.

The local wildlife eateries included flowers for feasting upon by possums and nectar feeding birds, seeds for snacking and cracking by parrots, native grasses for the small seed eaters and of course fresh water.

The Threatened Species on the Coal Point Peninsula is available to assist locals to care for their land and are happy to provide resources and advice on what furniture, rooms and restaurants the local wildlife are using in your backyard.

Landcare Report –Robyn Gill

October was THE RIDGE month and this year, since the burn in April, it’s possible to see both STANSFIELD RESERVE and the WEST RIDGE as part of the same “crowning glory” of the special part of the world that we care for.

The western part of the ridge contains the historic walking track used by miners and the few Coal Point residents & visitors who were around in the time when horse and a rowing boat were the other means of transport. The ridge vegetation had tended to be in almost pristine state but in this century the effects of increasing population and spread of garden escapes such as the Ground Asparagus were taking their toll and almost covered STANSFIELD.

As the council continued to buy land to add to the reserve, African Olive, Weed Wattles, lots of Formosan Lilies and even coastal Bitou Bush were adding to the mix and the landcaring load. The Lilies continue to be a challenge.

The presence of the great diversity of the natural vegetation is a joy to behold and helps to keep the local birds happy even as trees have come down in major storms, the resilience in the bushland means new plants are always popping up.

At STANSFIELD the challenge is big but native regrowth is amazing and gives hope that the invaders can be more effectively managed than before.

A happy surprise was provided recently when some of the VOLUNTEERS from TIN who have been landcaring with us as part of the TSLS Project decided to become local landcarers and continues to work with us.


Toronto Area Sustainable Neighbourhood Group

Coffee grounds are great for the ground

The TASNG Waste group has been nose to the grindstone about coffee grounds. A survey of 12 coffee providers around Toronto has shown a definite trend in the move away from single use plastic cups and also the provision of coffee grounds for gardeners to boost organic matter and nitrogen in the compost heaps. Coffee grounds in the garden have other purported uses such as fertilizer, ph adjuster, mulch, slug ‘n snail deterrent and cat repellent.

Can fill
your own
for own
Coffee grinds
for garden
if pick up is set
Tinto Espresso Bar



Double Take


Coffee Essence

Bean 2 Go

Queen of Tarts


Miranda’s Cakes
& Pies

Boulevarde 7

Michel’s Patisserie


Greg & Audrey’s
Ice Cream
Char’s Cafe