Sunday, 14 November 2010

Art & Craft show is on very soon

Just in case you’ve been out of town for the past month, missed your November Chronicle or haven’t been in the right spot and the right time to catch the news...
The Awesome Art & Incredible Craft show is on the last weekend of November, and that's very soon.
There are lots of reasons you might want to pop on by such as
  • to meet Deborah Abraham, Lake Macquarie Art Gallery's Director, who will be opening the Art show on Friday night
  • to bid on award winning auction items during the Friday night opening gala
  • to enjoy some community camaraderie on the opening night or over the weekend
  • to support local artists
  • to network with artists
  • to attend a local outing that you can walk to
  • to add to your art collection
  • to pick up a quaint or quirky gift for Christmas
  • to help raise funds to paint the Hall
  • to share your ideas for the Progress Association to progress
  • to drop in your donations to win $1000 Open Order at Whitakers Jewellers courtesy of Paul Campbell
  • welcome in the festive season

What ever the reason, the funds raised are going towards the painting of the exterior of Progress Hall, a quote has come in for $8300, and this event is a fundraiser.
You are warmly invited to the Opening Night, from 7.30 p.m.
To assist with the catering for the Opening Night can you please email

Transition Town, where to next...form or fold?

In May 2009 a small group of Transition minded people formed as a Steering Group to promote the development of a Transition Initiative around Coal Point and surrounding areas.
Since then the group's activities have been mainly focused on raising community awareness about the twin challenges of Peak Oil and Climate Change, via
  • Organising a formal "Transition Towns" training event
  • Supporting or participating in relevant community events such as Sustainable House day (2009) National tree Day (2009) and Lake Macquarie Living Smart festival (2010)
  • Running a movie festival (~10 movie screenings from Nov 09 to Oct 10)

Formally, the steering group is a subcommittee of the Progress Association and with the Association's major event of the year,The Art & Craft Show opening on the evening of Friday 26 November at 7.30pm,and running through to 2pm on Sunday 28th, at Progress Hall, the opportunity to gather some thoughts whilst the community was gathering was too much to resist. 
This event provides a fantastic opportunity to further promote the transition initiative, and at the same time survey community opinions on what changes people here would like to see, and would be willing to support.
During the Art Show there will be a display and discussion area with resources for people to browse and someone to talk to. All interested peole will be invited to share their opinions on what initiatives they would support or prioritise using a "dotmocracy" process. Plus, anyone who wants to be more actively involved will be invited to form a working group.
On Sunday 28 November at 11am at the Hall there will be a meeting of everyone who wants to actively pursue some specific aspect of the Transition model and is interested in getting together with others to work as a group.If you are ready to act on one or more topics please come to the "kick-off" meeting, you can have a look at the Art & Craft too.

What's a Working Group?
Working groups form around an area of interest to a few people, for example, if you want to progress home energy efficiency, be it solar water, solar power, wind power, energy efficienct appliances etc we can find other like minds and work together on a project.
At the Sunday meeting people will nominate the specific topics they want to work on, and those with the same interest will take the next steps - whatever they are! So please come prepared with ideas, enthusiasm or both.
At this meeting the Coal Point Transition Towns initiative will either form some working groups, or fold due to lack of interest.
The steering group's strategy has been to follow (however roughly!) the Transition Initiatives Primer, published by the Transition Towns organisation
The overall goal is to stimulate and coordinate community level actions to decrease dependence on fossil fuels and promote overall sustainability in the community. What we would like to see is the emergence of active groups leading by example and helping to shape the evolution of our community into a (more) sustainable society, in areas such as:
  • promoting local food / minimising food-miles
  • garden sharing
  • community gardens
  • making public land productive ("Veges on the Verges" etc)
  • promoting solar hot water
  • promoting solar and wind power (could we be self sufficient?)
  • energy efficiency in the home/at work
  • promoting low energy transport options, such as walking bus" to get kids to school
  • cycling
  • making it easier / safer to walk (in preference to driving)
  • develop a shared vision of what our local communities could be.
Hoping to see you on the 28th , 26th or 27th


At the northern end of Laycock Street is Yural Reserve. This small reserve is a great place to sit and watch the world and the yachts pass by.
During the sailing season Yural is a great vantage point for most of the action on a fair bit of the lake.
Thanks to LMCC there is also now a table for eating off and a bench for sitting on so you can plan a full picturesque picnic.
If you’d rather sit on the grass in the shade there is some of that as well on the foreshore, below the bank and adjacent to the cul-de-sac behind the pipe fence.
The western end of this reserve has easy access in to the Lake if you like to splash about, and don’t mind walking through a few types seagrasses.
As with all Lake swimming though, beware of rocks, razor fish, blue ringed octopus and sea urchins, who also like the lake and call it home. Happy International Year of Biodiversity!


Thanks to the Landcare Office, a Hunter Water grant has been gained to assist work at Gurranba Reserve because of the presence of Hunter Water infrastructure. The grant will provide for 1 Green Team day of LRO volunteers, 1 day of professional Bush Regenerators and $600 of plants, what a great end of year gift!
Landcaring with the locals and the Landcare Office volunteers will be at Stansfield Close reserves in December to wrap up the year.
The local Landcarers are already planning for next year the Carey Bay Wetlands getting the attention next February, to coincide with World Wetlands Day celebrations, a new sign is in the wind.
Landcare Legend, John Hughson, is moving onwards and upwards from Landcare Coordinator for the City to a new role in the recently restructured Asset Management team at LMCC. John's persistence, patience and big picture plans have embedded landcaring within the city as a way to protect and preserve our bushland assets. Sincerest thanks and well wishes go out to this local landcare champion, who had a vision for community stewardship of our bushland and made it happen, a huge achievement.

What's so special about the Hall and why the fundraiser?

We try to keep Progress Hall in tip top condition so that members can hire a community space to meet in. A variety of functions have graced the floor boards of the Hall throughout its history, ranging from church services, indoor bowls, discos, frolics, weddings and parties for 3-100 year olds.
The Hall is a great space and the Progress Association is proud to be one of the few community groups in the City that manages to maintain its own space, thanks to the support of the local community.
The Hall hire for members is a very reasonable rate, $12.50/hour, $75 for a small party, $150 for a big party with a refundable bond of $350 if everything is as it was before the event. If you're not a member, it cost $6 to join up, or $10 for families.
Arrangements for hiring the Hall can be made by emailing

Congratulations Toronto Tidy Towns

The annual State Tidy Town Awards were recently held and Toronto was overall Tidy Town in NSW in our population category
(4001 – 10,000) – one of 6 finalists in the State.
There were several aspects to the award which recognised practical regional environmental programs. The achievements were
  • Wildlife Corridors & Habitats Category – Highly Commended (2nd place) – Kilaben Bay Wetlands
  • Water Conservation Category – 1st place – Eraring Energy water conservation project
  • Waste Minimisation & Litter Reduction Category – Highly Commended (2nd place) – Turning Toronto Green Stage 2 (plastic water bottle reduction campaign)
  • Schools Environment Award – Highly Commended (2nd place) – Lake Macquarie High School