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The CPPA is exploring the concept of collaborative housing. This page is a place to share and update information and resources, with links to reading that has been discovered in the research process.

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The background to why the Progress Association is getting involved is outlined in the post 'A conversation on Collaborative Housing in our community' - Nov 2020

What's your interest?

Progress Posterity Pledge

The Bush Blocks Collaborative Housing project is the CPPA’s next big thing. It will take time to work through the process, it’s new, we are seeking support to pivot, reclaim our community and demonstrate a development style that is caring, affordable, liveable and sustainable. 

The Bush Blocks Collaborative Housing project is an exciting opportunity to create the community we want, providing options to value-add on bushland blocks with creative, smart and sustainable housing that connects and unites the residents with the surrounding community while protecting and enhancing biodiversity for future generations.

We are  taking pledges to build a Progress Posterity Fund to purchase bush blocks so we can undertake a collaborative housing project that provides a demonstration of the process and a model that others can explore. 

The CPPA is seeking pledges from our community (and beyond) for an investment for around 2 years to enable us to lodge an expression of interest (EOI) to enter into negotiations to purchase a suitable site when one becomes available. 

A legal framework will be established to ensure everyone’s investment is secure. We expect each investor will become a shareholder or equivalent in some kind of holding structure which will purchase the land.  

If the development we envisage goes ahead the income from sale of new properties will provide funds to repay investors.  If it does not go ahead within 2 years, the intent would be to sell the land and distribute the proceeds back to investors. It is expected that in either case the return to investors would be similar to the original investment - any profit or loss would be expected to be small - but there is no guarantee. 

The CPPA is a registered charity and our constitution recognises that acquiring land may be an appropriate way to pursue our objectives.

The pledge is the CPPA’s way of gauging the community’s support for the Bush Blocks project. It is non-binding and will assist us make an informed decision about our capacity to purchase and progress a collaborative housing project.

Are you a Social Impact investors wanting to support the project? 

There’s a proposal document which outlines the idea. It will be updated as more detail develops.

Are you a potential owner wanting to build and own a residence within the community? 

There’s a survey, Register of Interest, so we can keep in touch. 

Are you a Supporter?

The Register of Interest survey will gather your offers of time and expertise in fields of architecture, legal, finance, trades, town planning etc.  

Members and donors 

Are you willing to support the community driven aspects of the proposal, such as the facilitated conversations, and an end of year fundraising campaign, there’s a donation option on the  'Prosperity Pledge' page. 

For more information: Suzanne 0438 596 741,

Get Informed

What is collaborative living? 

Spoiler Alert! It's NOT hippies and communes

Collaborative living is a new way of thinking about home, work, community and how we live our daily lives. Inspired by demographic and social change, it is also a response to rising living costs, the housing affordability crisis, the ‘loneliness epidemic’ and the growing ecological footprint of cities.

Collaborative living is about building stronger communities by emphasising social connection and looking for beneficial ways to share resources and pool skills. The sharing economy is one example of collaborative living, collaborative housing is another.

Collaborative Housing

The Collaborative Housing Guide - It provides information and examples of all the different models and the process and is a must-read resource for anyone who is interested.

The Nightingale Project - Nightingale Housing provides apartments that are socially, financially and environmentally sustainable. We believe that homes should be built for people, not profit.

The Conversation 4/3/21This is how we create the age-friendly smart city

The Conversation 21/2/21 - How Chinese courtyard housing can help older Australian women avoid homelessness.

The Conversation 30/10/20 -Aged care isn't working, but we can create neighbourhoods to support healthy ageing in place.

The AGEncy Project - Growing older with gusto in the community we know and love

Green Fabric Green Fabric assists people build housing projects which are more sustainable and encourage strong(er) relationships between neighbours.

Living closer: The many faces of co-housing

The Conversation 20/4/15 - How co-housing could make homes cheaper and greener

The Conversation 23/6/17 - Co-housing works well for older people, once they get past the image problem

Building for the future

Lake Macquarie Housing Strategy 2020

Zero Carbon Communities provides support and resources to empower your local community.

The Green List - You marketplace for sustainable solutions. Sustainability rating tools cheat sheet



Business Insider - Australia  2020 could be the year of 'sustainable finance'. Here's why.

Responsible Returns - Responsible Investment Association Australasia

Financing Circularity: Demystifying Finance for the Circular Economy

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