Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Seeking local sponsors for Science Week Extravaganza at Progress Hall

Science week 2017 banner
The CPPA and TASNG will be hosting Questacon’s Earth Quest Travelling Exhibition at Progress Hall for Science Week August 12-20 and we are seeking community support to make it happen.

The 20-30 hands-on exhibits cover the science behind sustainability and tie in with the Future Earth theme of science week as well as Threatened Species Last Stand project.

A priority booking system will see invites extended to local schools (Greater Toronto area), then West Ward schools and then the rest of the city. There will also be two weekends available for community members to enjoy the hands-on fun that only Questacon can deliver.

Sponsorship pledges are sought for all aspects of the project, our target is $8000 and will go towards
  • Hire ($2500) and transportation ($3872) of Questacon’s exhibition 
  • Reduced or free entry for school for students 
  • A local exhibit ‘Who lives here’ 
  • A community opening night event 
  • Printing, promotion and event coordination 
Sponsors will be acknowledged by the inclusion of their logos on all products and webpages associated with the promotion and reporting of the event.
  • Platinum sponsorship $1000 or more 
  • Gold Sponsorship- $500 
  • Silver - $250 
  • Bronze- $100 
Any funds accrued beyond what is required for this year’s event will be dedicated to hosting another event in 2018.

All enquiries to Suzanne Pritchard-

International Day of Forests 21/3/17

This year’s IDF theme of Forests and Energy is a reminder of how our urban forests impact upon our energy consumption. Do you remember the heat of summer? Strategically placed trees can cool the air between 2 to 8 degrees.

As we turn the seasonal tide autumn preparations to keep warm in winter and the energy efficiency of wood heaters are worth considering. Dry wood has double the energy value of wet wood, which holds up to 50% moisture, it takes a year of storage to dry wood. A clean flue aids combustion and reduces harmful gas build up, flues should be cleaned annually, and if you don’t want all the heat to go up in smoke insulate everything, walls, floors, ceilings and windows.

Buying ethically sourced wood is a way of protecting our local forests too. Please help protect our community’s public forest assets and leave the local wood in the reserves where it falls, it creates habitat and recycles valuable nutrients.

Our local Open Spotted Gum Forests provide another kind of energy too, a sense of well being that flows from fresh air, abundant birdlife, serenity and beauty. 

Have you been for a stroll along the West Ridge recently?

There’s a track off Whitelocke Street and you can experience some of the best Open Forest around here. If you’re partial to water tanks you might like to take a happy snap of the old water tank, which is set to be decommissioned and taken away this financial year.

Another eye-opening local forest walk is in the reserve off Stansfield Close. Recently a U3A group were guided along the Garden Path to see the difference a fire makes. To the south the impacts of garden escapes such as Asparagus fern, to the north a diversity of plants not seen in a very long while rising like a phoenix from the ashes.

Our public reserves, our local forests, are continually being expanded by LMCC acquiring land. The CPPA has recently followed up on the 2016 AGM resolution to sell a portion of its land to LMCC to expand Stansfield Reserve. 

Are you going to celebrate World Forests Day?

Why not plant a tree and support the long distance pollinators in our area or attend one of the workshops LMCC libraries are hosting. RSVP to or ring the host library.

Planting for pollinators: Build your knowledge on local species to attract birds, bees and butterflies to enhance your habitat and vegetable gardens. Mon 20 March - 5.30-7.30pm Cardiff Library p:4954 8575

Birdscaping your garden : Build your knowledge on local native species to plant in your garden to attract nectar eating birds.
Tues 21 Mar - 10am-12. Swansea Library p:4921 0780

Gardening with local native plants: Discover plants that are local to our area and where they will thrive to recreate native habitat including bush tucker species.
Wed 22 Mar - 1.30-3.30pm Belmont Library p:4945 4329

Your native garden, encouraging frogs and dragonflies: Build your knowledge on key components required to maximise opportunities for frogs, dragonflies and other beneficial critters.
Tues 4 April - 6-8pm: Charlestown Library p:4943 5555
Wed 5 April - 10am-noon: Morisset Library p:4973 1248

Long distance pollinators short on bridges, magnets and frameworks

Long distance pollinators such as the local Regent Honeyeater, Grey-headed Flying foxes and Squirrel Gliders play a major role in mixing up the genes of many plant species across the landscape. This aids the overall ability of sedentary vegetation to adapt and cope with human-driven changes such as habitat fragmentation and climate change.

To keep the pollinator networks strong long term plantings are needed for:
  • Bridging plants that ensure food during bottlenecks, shortages of nectar and pollen, especially over winter 
  • Framework plants that support diverse pollinator networks by providing food resources to a large number of species 
  • Magnet plants that provide rich resources of nectar and pollen that attract large numbers of pollinators 
Long-distance pollinator plantings also need long-term planning
  • It takes 20 years for some species to begin flowering
  • Planting at low densities speeds the canopy development and increases the rate of flower production with age, it’s quality not quantity that’s needed. 
  • Planting near water and on fertile soil can also increase flower production and enhance creek corridors.
  • Planting less than 1km from existing mature habitat is more likely to attract hollow dependent pollinators and have a better chance of being visited by greater numbers and varieties of pollinators.

Local plants that long distance pollinators love are Swamp Mahogany, Turpentine, Broad-leaved Paperbark, Grey Ironbark, Northern Grey Ironbark, Coastal Banksia, Spotted Gum, Forest Red Gum. If you have space for a tree one of these beauties will not only provide a lifeline for the local wildlife but also grow our local forest and give some shade for you to escape the summer heat.

Progress Patter

Membership reminder & Donation thanks

Membership renewals have gone out and annual fees and donations have been flooding back in. Sincere thanks to all those who have shown their support for the Association by renewing and putting in a little extra to assist us with the upkeep of Progress Hall.

We will accept memberships whenever you’d like to send them in to PO Box 329, Toronto. 

Thankyou for supporting the CPPA & TASNG.

Lock your box

In February, just as the Property Valuation notices were being distributed, several letterboxes along Coal Point Rd were raided and their contents dumped in a bushland garden. The local who discovered the postal stash returned the mail to the rightful owners and was told by the police that each incident had to be reported individually. There was also an attempted break-in around the same area that was thwarted by a locked window.

Lessons learnt, do you have a secure letterbox? Maybe it’s time to upgrade. Do you lock your home at night or when you’re not home…it could be a good idea.

Any outstanding CPPA membership fees can be posted to the PO Box 329 Toronto.

AGM in April for CPPA

The CPPA will be having a socially orientated Annual General Meeting on 26th April from 5-6pm with reflections on 71 years of the CPPA following with dinner and the social festivities.

A BYO plate to share will provide the evening meal and there will be plenty of time for catching up, looking forward and reminiscing.

If you have any photos of the area from the past 70 years we’d love to see them, any recollections we’d love to hear them. All members past and present are most welcome. Please RSVP to any of the Committee.

The AGM will involve the election of Office Bearers and presentation of annual reports. New committee members would be welcomed with open arms and a hearty smile, especially if you have a head for numbers and a body attached to it. If you’d like to discuss what is involved in being on the Committee contact Suzanne.

Earth Hour

On Saturday, 25th March, 8:30-9:30pm switch off to support progress for the next generation. Switch off to #JoinTheFuture.

2017 will mark the 10th anniversary of Earth Hour as a global phenomenon.

Neighbour Day

Do you need an excuse to get together with your neighbours….here’s one Neighbours Day. The aim of the day is to build better relationships with the people who live around us, especially the elderly and vulnerable. Neighbours are important because good relationships with others can and do change communities. Social connection also makes us feel better as it helps prevent loneliness, isolation and depression. Neighbour Day brings together like-minded people who have each other and where they live in common.

There’s a Neighbour’s Day kit to ease the organisational logistics at 


A bright beginning on Brighton Ave

Soon you’ll be able to walk to Toronto from Carey Bay in safety along a new stretch of concreted footpath along Brighton Ave from Ambrose St to Jarrett St, thanks to a Community Building Partnership grant and the generosity of LMCC. 

The original concept for the grant was to trial an alternative surface of crushed gravel for areas that were not able to have concrete, however LMCC preferred to cover the additional cost of a concrete path. Stage1 will be in place this financial year and Stage 2 completed soon after.

Linking Kilaben Bay to Rathmines- a pipe dream or a bridge to reality

A TASNG team recently chatted with a local landholder and LMCC Officer to scope the idea of a bike-walking trail linking Kilaben Bay to Rathmines. The route would require the acquisition of some environmentally sensitive foreshore land, the construction of two bridges, collaboration with Hunter Water and a lot of community support and but the benefits would be huge. A pedestrian friendly link joining Rathmines and Kilaben Bay-Toronto that would enable off road recreational activities, boost the tourist potential of the area and support the non car owning community to enjoy all that the western Lake Mac foreshore suburbs have to offer. If you have scoping skills please contact Nico Marcar to get involved

So long single Use plastic bags

The Sustainable Neighbourhood Alliance is hosting a series of information stalls on the issue of single use plastic bags. The first event will be at Toronto Town Square on Thursday 6/4/17 4-6pm.


2 Brighton Ave- DA1243/2016

If you were one of the many locals who objected to this DA you should have received a letter advising that a conciliation conference will be held on site at 10:30am Monday 15th May, unless otherwise advised. This is part of the Land & Environment court process which requires -

  • The Respondent (LMCC) to file and serve its Statement of Facts and Contentions by 15 March 2017. 
  • The Applicant (SNL) to file and serve any Statement of Facts and Contentions in reply by 5 April 2017. 
  • The appeal is listed for a preliminary conference under section 34 of the Land and Environment Court Act 1979 on 15 May 2017 commencing on site at 10:30 am and return to Council’s chambers. 
  • The proceedings are listed for a second telephone directions hearing at 10:10 am on 22 May 2017. 
The CPPA has been liaising with the Environmental Defenders Office on behalf of the community to better understand the process.

If you have the capacity to be on site on 15/5/17 for the conference that would send a strong message that the community is concerned about this proposal and the precedent it sets.

151 Brighton Avenue - DA1835/2016 - Hirecraft marina site

On the 14/2/17 LMCC provided a preliminary assessment of the application and has stated that further fundamental planning documentation is required before a detailed assessment can be undertaken.

The requested items include a Concept Plan as the “the development proposed differs significantly in terms of building bulk and mass to that specified within the Town Centre Plan”.

Additionally “the development proposes vehicular access from Wharf Road over Part Lot 30 Section 15 DP2505. This land is in private ownership and is not part of the development application. It is noted there appears to be some dispute over the rightful owner of the land, which requires further resolution, however, it is considered Council cannot determine the development, which proposes access over the land and building works that would directly abut the land.”

LMCC provided 28 days for the developer to respond with the information requested.

DAs in Play

You can keep up to date with developments in the area through Council’s online tracking system. The list below has been abridged from Lake Macquarie City Council’s Application Tracking system. It has been compiled to support community understanding of developments in our area. Please consult LMCC’s website for details and a complete listing. Listings below are from 2/1/17 to 12/3/17

  • 9 Amelia Street: Dwelling House & Retaining Walls: On Notification/Advertising 
  • 17 Amelia Street: Enclose Deck: Lodged 
  • 2 Angela Close: Alterations and Additions - Awning: Under Assessment 
  • 17 Brighton Avenue: Swimming Pool Exemption: Refused 
  • 27 Brighton Avenue: Dwelling House - Additions and Alterations, Pool, Boat Storage Area and Retaining Walls - Amendment: Approved 
  • 47A Brighton Avenue: Dwelling House and Demolition of Existing Dwelling: Under Assessment 
  • 123 Brighton Avenue: Dwelling Alterations and Additions, Deck & Carport: Approved 
  • 47 Coal Point Road: Attached Rear Fly-Over Patio fixed to Existing Deck: Approved 
  • 77 Coal Point Rd: Dwelling House and Ancillary detached Garage/Shed - Amendment: Under Assessment 
  • 128 Coal Point Rd: Dwelling House Alterations & Additions: Under assessment 
  • 215 Coal Point Road: Detached Garage: Approved 
  • 236 Coal Point Rd: Dwelling House and Demolition of Existing Structure: Under Assessment 
  • 108 Excelsior Parade: Alterations and Additions to Dwelling Including New Garage and Driveway - Convert Existing Shed to G: Under Assessment 
  • 166 Excelsior Parade - Hard Landscape Works (Retaining Wall, Fencing and Drainage): Approved 
  • 57 Jarrett Street: Attached Side Carport to Footings.: Check New Application 
  • 14 Jonquil Close: Dwelling House: On Notification/Advertising 
  • 25-27 Kilaben Rd: 1 into 5 lot Subdivision: Approved 
  • 1/17 Laycock St: Child Care Centre: Awaiting Information Requested 
  • 16/37 Laycock Street: Attached Patio to Second Floor: Approved 
  • 40 The Quarterdeck: Swimming Pool and Deck: Approved 
  • 23 Robey Road Dwelling Alterations and Additions and Garden Wall: Under Assessment 
  • 4 Rofe Street: Cabana: Lodged 
  • 78 Skye Point Road: Dwelling House - Alterations & Additions, Boat Shed, Water Recreation Structure: Under Assessment 
  • 81 Skye Point Rd: Studio: Approved 
  • 176 Skye Point Road: Dwelling House: Approved 
  • 202 Skye Point Road: Garage: Under Assessment 
  • 228 Skye Point Road: Dwelling House, Swimming Pool with Associated Safety Barriers and Demolition of Existing Dwelling: Under Assessment 
  • 241 Skye Point Road Remove 2 trees: Scanning of Application Documents 
  • 25 Whitelocke Street: Carport: Under Assessment