The Local's Landcare Program

Who are the Landcare Crew

The CPPA Landcare crew have been caring for the public bushland reserves along the Coal Point Peninsula since 1995. We are a committed crew and are one of the longest running and geographically largest groups in the city. There's a great summary of our activities in the CPPA Landcare Sites Case Study booklet.

Where and When we landcare


To get around to all the reserves we have a dynamic roster. We're trying a new rotation, which allows for a 15 week return cycle. We'll see if that keeps the weeds under control.

The most accurate calendar of landcare activities can be found on this blog's calendar of events, it provides the site locations.  The Calendar below is our plan for the year which does get revised from time to time.


There is landcaring happening in a local reserve every Thursday from 8am-noon Morning tea is at 10am. Tools and socialising are provided. If you would like to be on the weekly email that lets the group know where we'll be and what we'll be doing please contact Suzanne at

COVID controls- Lake Mac Landcare at at 11/1/22

During the current surge in COVID19 case numbers across the state, Landcare volunteers are urged to continue to show caution when working on their sites

At the beginning of each work session Team Leaders need to include a discussion of the following controls in their tool box talk.

Required controls:

  • Stay at home if unwell or if you have been to a potential exposure site
  • Maintain social distancing of 1.5 metres between people
  • Wash and/or sanitise hands regularly
  • Avoid sharing of tools and practice regular tool cleaning
  • Avoid sharing of drink or foods
  • Signing on to the Daily Work Diary provides information which could be used for contact tracing if required
  • Mask wearing in outdoor environments is optional
  • In the event that you or a volunteer receive a positive COVID-19 test result or notification as a close contact and have been volunteering since exposure or the exposure occurred at site, you MUST contact NSW Health and the Landcare Resource Centre at the earliest opportunity, providing names and contact details of all volunteers working on that date
  • If you have volunteers or members of the public challenging your presence or these controls – refer them to the Landcare Resource Centre 4921 0392 or Council on 4921 0333.

How of landcare.

Our landcare activities are guided by Action Plans that have been developed by the LMCC Landcare Resource Centre, who provide permission on behalf of Council to landcare on the public land.

What treasures are on the Landcare sites?

You can find about about the local plants on this page - the Plants in our Bigger Backyard.
There's information about the local wildlife  at The Animals in our Bigger Backyard
You can see some of the impact of the landcare team's efforts  by perusing The changes in our Bigger Backyard.

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