Thursday, 28 November 2013

Dates for the Diary

Coal Point Progress Committee Meeting :
Monday 9/12/13,
Progress Hall 4-6pm
more info contact Suzanne 0438 596 741

Landcare every Thursday
Contact Robyn 4959 1507

Toronto Area Sustainable Neighbourhood Group : 
Wednesday 14/12/13. Progress Hall 5-6.30pm
More info contact Nico on 40231978

TSLS Project and Members get together
Thursday 19/12/13
Progress Hall 11am-1pm

or by phoning Suzanne 0438 596 741

The Chronicle is delivered to  1450 houses in the Coal Point and Carey Bay area.

If you do not wish to receive it please let us know, It is hand delivered into all letterboxes.

Lots to say about Carey Bay!

A total of 81 community submissions were lodged with 79 opposing the development at Carey Bay. Due to the number of submissions received the development application will go before Council for approval i.e. the decision will not sit with a Council Officer as delegated authority… but in the meantime the developer has some work to do. 

On 15/10/13 Lake Macquarie City Council posted a ‘Request for Information’ to the developer in order to adequately assess the proposed 26 dwellings on Laycock St. A 12 page document, identifying LMCC’s concerns about the proposed DA is available for viewing on LMCC’s Application Tracking website and via this link

LMCC’s ‘Request for Information’ stated in its conclusion (p3) “an assessment of the development application has found it to be deficient in terms of owner’s consent, information provided to enable a detailed assessment, and were an assessment has been undertaken the proposal has been found to be of poor quality design. Further, a number of the areas of deficiency or poor quality design where identified as significant issues to be addressed at a Pre-lodgement meeting of 27 February 2013. Also a significant number of submissions have been received objecting to the development proposal. Therefore in its current form there is no option but to determine the development application by way of refusal.

In this regard, it is required that the development application be withdrawn, the required specialist reports be prepared, the design be reviewed and a Pre-lodgement meeting be convened prior to re-lodgement of the development proposal. Should additional information be submitted for the application Council may proceed to determine the application without any further negotiation.”

There was a suite of concerns that need to be addressed under headings of Ecological values, Ecological Corridors, Scenic values, Tree Preservation  & Management, Bushfire Risk, Sloping Land & Soils, Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control, Energy Efficiency, Noise & Vibration-Air Quality, Stormwater Management/On-Site, Stormwater Harvesting, Operational Waste Management, Vehicle Parking provision, Car Parking Areas & Structures, Access, Streetscape & local Character, Landscapes, fences, Building Siting, Form  & Design. Many concerns also reflected the proximity of the Childcare Centre to the proposal.

The Progress Association and Sustainable Neighbourhood Groups are keen to use this opportunity to discuss what could be possible on the site. If you have an interest or expertise in sustainable development please contact either group via Nico Marcar by phone 40231978 or email

TSLS project update

To date the majority of the bush regeneration activity of the Threatened Species Last Stand (TSLS) project has focused on the public reserves along the peninsula. In 2014 an expansion of the on ground activities will support local landholders. 

Monthly Sunday sojourns around neighbourhood nodes will aim to provide opportunities to learn about the local natives (and weeds) and bush regeneration techniques as well as meeting adjacent neighbours who border your ‘bigger backyard’.

Starting in February 2014, two bush regenerators will be on hand on the 1st Sunday of the month from 10am-1pm to provide demonstrations on weeding techniques, conduct backyard audits to help identify natives and weeds, investigate nest box opportunities and recommend plants to strengthen the wildlife corridor. 

On Thursday 19th December from 11am-1pm, at Progress Hall, there is a chance to meet the folk involved in the project and find out more about when the on-ground crew will be close to your home.  

Bush regenerators, landcarers and the Project Steering Committee will all be on hand to chat about and celebrate the achievements of the year. A BBQ lunch will be provided. RSVP by 13/12/13 is essential to or Suzanne 0438 596 741. 

Birds of Coal Point (and Turtles)

An important part of the TSLS project has been the monitoring of the birdlife in the local area. Birds are being used as indicators of the bushland health and to guide the bush regeneration strategies over the life of the project…and beyond.

Tom Clarke reported the Spring Survey highlights…” It was great to see the migrant birds (Sacred Kingfisher, Dollarbird, Channel-billed Cuckoo and Eastern Koel) back in the area again and busying themselves in re-establishment. A pair of Dollarbirds was encountered at Carey Bay and was suffering the attentions of Magpie Lark; we wait with interest to see if they can secure the advantage of the dead trees within the wetland. 

Another sign of spring was the widely encountered behaviour of nest hollow inspection. Laughing Kookaburra were checking out and/or excavating nest hollows in various arboreal termite mounds at Noorumba Reserve, Burnage Reserve and West Ridge South while Rainbow Lorikeet were inspecting tree hollows at West Ridge Central and West Ridge South.”
The spring, summer, autumn and winter seasonal bird surveys and the 1st annual report are now available for viewing.

Additionally BirdLife Australia, through the Powerful Owl project has shown that there was a local chick hatched. This was the first year this project has extended beyond Sydney. An interesting observation noted in the report is that “Powerful Owls have been seen eating a higher number of birds this year along with the usual diet of possums, including Rainbow Lorikeet, Currawong, Kookaburra, Magpie, Channel-billed Cuckoo and even a Noisy Miner. 

P.S The Hunter Central-Rivers CMA has recently produced a movie about marine turtles and with the warmer weather about you may be lucky enough to see some bobbing about.

Congrats on the Corridor Project

The recent Keep Australia Beautiful- Tidy Towns Awards have bestowed a 1st Place to the Toronto team for the Threatened Species Last Stand on the Coal Point Peninsula Project. 

The news story can be viewed online in the Lakes Mail 

Toronto Area Sustainable Neighbourhood News

Tossers can be Binners

There are changes a foot both locally and federally in dealing with litter.
On our doorstep the Toronto Area Sustainable Neighbourhood Group is doing its bit and doing the right thing, having secured funding to install new recycling bins in the Aldi-Woolworths area, cleaning up the litter in the carpark gardens, addressing graffiti and planting to make the area more attractive.

At the National level on the 5/12/13 Australia’s environment ministers will make a decision on the Container Deposit Scheme (CDS). You can be a part of history.

Dear Cash for Containers Supporter,
Australia currently wastes 8 billion containers every year – and we all know where many end up – on our roads, parks, beaches and in the ocean.  It is time to implement a proven solution.

The beverage industry led by Coke, are spending millions of dollars on advertising to defeat our campaign.  They began on 14 October and it's still going.  They are feeling the heat.

We can win if we show the ministers what the community wants - and New South Wales can lead the way. Here’s how you can help:

Your personal message to Premier Barry O'Farrell is important.  Key Facts to help you are online. 
You can also share our facebook link with your friends

CPPA Membership renewal with a TASNG Option and an end of year gathering

Membership to the Progress Association runs to the calendar year and renewals will be distributed over the next month or so. 

For the first time in several years the membership fees have increased to $8/individual and $13/family.

This year the membership form will include an additional  $2 option to join the local Toronto Area Sustainable Neighbourhood group as well.

The TASNG has a webpage that outlines the projects and structure of the group. 
The Association sincerely thanks its members for their ongoing support. 

All members are warmly invited to Progress Hall on Thursday December 19th from 11-1pm to, meet with other locals and discuss the activities of the Association and renew your membership. RSVP to Suzanne on 0438 596 741 or

How fast is your Internet? By Ian McLean

The way the Rudd Labour Government originally announced they were setting up the National Broadband Network Co (NBN) did not include any incentive for the existing owners of the ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) exchange equipment (mainly Telstra and Optus) to update their internet exchange infrastructures.

The copper wire from existing NODES to our premises or to the nearest exchange and the performance of the existing ADSL exchange equipment limits the current speed we experience.

The existing NODES, usually a conspicuous olive green cabinet off to the side of the road, are fed from the nearest exchange by fibre optic cable. The NODE that feeds Coal Point is in Amelia Street, near Whitelock Street in Burnage Reserve.
It is fed by fibre optic cable from Toronto exchange and from there the houses have the normal copper cable.

This NODE provides local subscribers with telephone and internet services.
If you are lucky enough to live past the NODE you really should be enjoying relatively high speed broad band but the speed is restricted by the equipment at Toronto exchange and to some extent old NODE technology.

If the new NBN Co policy was to concentrate on upgrading the outdated ADSL equipment at the exchanges (already fed by fibre from the existing National backbone network) we would all be better off much sooner.

The slow roll out of the fibre in the streets from exchanges to the subscribers houses is the problem because the inexperienced new NBN Co underestimated the size and complexity of the project.

As a matter of interest you can test your speed at various times during the day and in the middle of the night say 2.00AM - write down your results so you can review your findings 

Without exception you will find your existing connection is much faster when the exchanges aren’t overloaded therefore confirming that any copper between you and the exchange or NODE is only a part of the slow speed problem.

The owners of the ADSL equipment at the exchanges must be given the incentive to up grade the equipment without further delay so we can enjoy higher speeds - NOW.

This is not Rocket Science just practical and common sense logic – I hope this gets through to the new board that will be running our NBN Co.

It’s comforting to know that the newly appointed CEO by the new Government, Ziggy S used to run Telstra.

Seasonal support for our sponsors.

This and forthcoming editions of the Chronicle will showcase the amazing variety of skills, services and expertise provided by our sponsors. Sincere thanks to all of the long term and new sponsors whose financial contributions have supplemented the CPPA coffers.

With the giving season upon us, gifts that give personally and to the local community abound. Available at Carey Bay are gifts and vouchers for haircuts, exercise classes, fine wines, fine foods and photography. 

For a truly unique gift Westlakes Framing & Trophies will provide inspiration for capturing and sharing memories in tangible formats from glassware to picture frames. For festive food … don’t forget to order the prawns at Shane’s!



Better Planning Network

The Better Planning Network and 432 affiliated groups want a responsible planning system for NSW, one that is driven by Ecologically Sustainable Development; has at its heart community wellbeing; protects our environment & heritage; minimises risks of corruption and respects the rights of communities to shape local planning & development decisions.

The Government's Planning Bills won't deliver the visionary planning system NSW needs. With the Upper House debate coming up in a few days' time NOW is the time to contact Upper House MPs to say NO to the NSW Government's Planning Bills!

The BPN has an easy email letter on their website which can quickly make your thoughts known to the powers that be.

This week the debate occurred and the Planning Bills were passed. 
from the Better Planning website...
On 27 November 2013, the NSW Upper House passed the amended NSW Planning Bill 2013 and NSW Planning Administration Bill 2013.  Govt, Labor, Christian Democrats and Shooters and Fishers MPs voted in support of these Bills.  The Greens NSW voted against these Bills.
Overall, the amended Bills passed by the Upper House are a missed opportunity for visionary reform and will not deliver good planning and development outcomes for communities across NSW.  The Bills are unfit for the 21st century.
The amended Bills will now need to be considered by the Legislative Assembly (Lower House) before they can become law.
You can email your views on the NSW Planning Bills to your local MP and Upper House members by clicking here.