The Changes in our Bigger Backyard

This page is about sharing information about the changes that have occurred in our area. 

For long term residents changes in the amount, or quality of the bushland are memories. For newer residents the efforts of many over the past decades goes unnoticed as that's just how it has always been.

Looking back helps us to look forward. If you have some local history you would like to share please contact the Progress Association.

The Fern & The Burn

Local landcarers have been regenerating multiple reserves on the Coal Point peninsula since 1995, except for one that was beyond the capacity of the group due to the overwhelming infestation of Asparagus fern. Thanks to the support of Lake Macquarie City Council and Fire & Rescue that changed on the 6th of April 2016 with 'The Burn'. Stansfield Reserve is now being assisted in its regeneration. 

The movie gives an overview of the burn and the transformation.

This video was made possible with funding from Hunter Local Land Services from the Australian Government's National Landcare program

Changes in the Bushland

The Threatened Species Last Stand Project runs for 6 years. To be able to see how the bush regeneration and landcare activities are making a difference a series of pictures are taken every year from the same spot, these are called photopoints.

The Year 6 (2018) final Photopoint & Monitoring report can be viewed here (it is a large file 21Mb, so will take a while to load)
The Year 5 (2017) Photopoint monitoring report can be viewed here. 
The Year 4 (2016) Photopoint and monitoring report can be viewed here.
The Year 3 (2015) Photopoint monitoring report can be read here
The Year 2 (2014) Photopoint monitoring pictures can be seen here.
The Year 2 (2014) Vegetation monitoring report can be read here.

This photopoint is at West Ridge-East, the garden escapes are being monitored as landcarers take action to stop their spread.
West Ridge East 29/1/13
West Ridge East 24/2/14

West Ridge East 17/3/15
West Ridge East 16/2/17

Community Ecosystem Monitoring Project

Lake Macquarie City Council's Community Ecosystem Monitoring Project (CEMP) has been tracking the happenings at the Stansfield Reserve since 2011. The data can be viewed here. Theses records show the health of the ecosystem is in decline, shifting from good in 2011 to fair in 2012. This area has 25% groundcover of exotics, mostly Asparagus Fern, whose seed is spread by birds. 

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