Wednesday, 10 November 2021

DA's in Play 9/10/21 to 9/11/21

The CPPA endeavours to provide a summary of active applications in our area as outlined in the table below.

Please consult LMCC’s website for a full listing:
  • DA = Development Application
  • BC = Building Information Certificate
  • TA = Tree Assessment
  • CC = Construction Certificate,
  • CDC = Complying Development Certificate,
  • REF = Review Environmental Factors
  • SC = Subdivision Certificate.
  • MU = Mixed use
  • RFB = Residential flat Building

Two very different DA's on our doorstep, provides some local commentary on the various styles of development we are seeing. 

On notice for comment is 163-167 Excelsior Pde, a development that is including open space and tree retention.

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