Wednesday, 10 November 2021

The Christmas COVID cash grab is in full flight!

The number crunchers are expecting a big pre-Christmas spend, followed by a Christmas lavish, then a Boxing Day fork-out, which might roll into Australia Day cough-up, Valentines Day dish-out and Easter expend…so many dollars in circulation but are they also doing good?

Whilst some local businesses have thrived over the pandemic period, many are hanging in there, hoping local pockets and purses will be emptying their contents at their registers.

Many of our local shops offer vouchers for goods or services. These are the gifts that give and keep on giving. What good will your giving generate this year to support a community coming out of COVID?

How about coffee or lunch vouchers, haircut vouchers (we all know how much they were missed), supporting charity op shops, local clothes, shoes, and gift establishments, local online businesses via the Toronto & Westlakes’ Community Notice Board (Facebook). Looking for Australian made? Take the time to have a wander, you’ll find it.

The other issue is with shelves in the big stores looking to empty due to import impediments, finding a local gift on a shelf may turn out to be a relaxing way to spend a daytrip to Toronto.

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